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Sunday, June 29, 2008

I'm So Stimulated

Gosh, what did you buy with your economic stimulus check? We came up with all sorts of plans for ours: fencing, gates, plants, tires, toilets - you name it, it probably made our list at one point or another. But I guess I'd say part of it, at least, is in my mouth as I write this. I spent two hours in the dentist's chair on Thursday and now have two temporary crowns in place. The real crowns, along with the final bill, come week after next. I think that appointment will only be an hour, oh boy.

Why is it that, when one is provided with unexpected cash, one ends up spending it? We had really intended to put the check in the bank (so we could pay it out again next year, most likely). And why is it that, once the check arrives, one manages to spend more than its face value?

In the end perhaps some other stash of money in savings will represent the "economic stimulus" sum. Needless to say we'll be spending more money regardless.

boiling skies 080627We went to the basement yesterday afternoon, when this parked itself over our house and the tornado sirens started going off. Fortunately it all blew over, leaving behind only an inch of rain or so, but it was scary while it lasted. I've always enjoyed thunderstorms - used to sit on the front porch swing in the midst of duck-drowners as a kid - but am terrified of tornadoes. These clouds were boiling and rotating. The urge to be outside, though, was almost overpowering. Yeah, I know it's not smart to stand outside taking pictures of storm clouds, but the skies were mesmerizing. We had to force ourselves to go inside.

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Friday, June 20, 2008


I'm enduring, with little grace, a nagging toothache. It started Wednesday evening and my dentist, bless him, was able to squeeze me in late Thursday morning. In general it's the whole of my right upper jaw, and we weren't able to isolate the source, but x-ray and camera shots clearly identify the cause. I have a 33-year-old crown from which the gum has gradually receded (about 1/8", ouch), and a small spot of decay has formed on the exposed root. I can hang on until next Thursday, when Dr K could fit me into the schedule for a 2-hour session, with Ora-jel and by staying away from ice-cold drinks and food. Does that mean no ice cream? Perish the thought - I'll let it melt before I eat it!

Uncomfortable it may be, but at least my great fear of osteonecrosis wasn't proved. I slept very little Wednesday night, not from pain but from worry. I am grateful that it's just aging dental work.

As an aside - Dr K loves gadgets and uses an intraoral dental camera like this to take those lovely closeups. Smile ...!

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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Same Old Same Old

(I hate to tempt the fates by using that for an entry title.) Yesterday we went to Cleveland Clinic for the usual scans, labwork and appointment. Dr G met us with his usual hugs and handshakes and a beaming smile. "Your scans show the same old thing - a little bit of growth in the lung, stable in the abdomen. No sign of ascites. We'll stay on the current medications, no changes."

We were stunned - how could this be? Suspicion now turns to my thyroid, and we'll look for test results on that either today or tomorrow. If thyroid, increase Levothyroxine. If not thyroid, then what? A fluke? A cosmic joke? Whatever, I'll take it. I'm keeping the remainder of the diuretic prescription just in case - it certainly seemed to relieve the symptoms regardless of what caused the problem.

We drove home, indulging in a rare squabble on the way - seems that we were both keyed up over the potential diagnosis, and sandbagged by the results, leaving us both feeling adrift. Emotions boil over quickly in such situations. I don't think either one of us was aware of how edgy we were until the pressure was relieved. Thank goodness we can both say "I'm sorry" and relish a hug and a good cry when it's all over.

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