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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Last Bit for the Fair

Field of Flowers
Field of Flowers detailYears ago I swore I would never knit lace. Lace was "always" something oversize, like a bedspread, and it was always done in crochet thread on tiny steel needles, etc. Imagine my surprise when I saw a knitted linen facecloth, small and simple and lovely. I finally decided that there was nothing really keeping me from doing lace except misunderstandings on my part. I tried a couple of facecloths and scarves, and then itched to move on to something bigger. I was hooked, and have been ever since!

I chose this pattern, the "Field of Flowers" shawl by Evelyn Clark, and made it in Jaggerspun Zephyr. I worked on it very slowly (seems to be the story of my life) and came out with something I felt good about. Since then I've gotten slightly obsessive about buying laceweight yarn, but I work steadily toward finishing several small projects every year and at least one big one.

I had one other project that I wanted to put in; it's a sweater jacket worked in 2 strands of yarn, densely knitted in Manos del Uruguay and Classic Elite Applause, and colorful in shades of turquoise, blues and greens. All I have left to do is to sew the seams and block it. But last night I tried to work on finishing a seam, and discovered it's just too heavy for me to hold steady while I take the stitches, at least while my shoulder hurts. It will have to wait for a while, I'm afraid, until I find out what the radiation oncologist is willing to do.

We go this afternoon to Cleveland for tomorrow's appointment. I'll be glad to have the waiting over with.

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