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Friday, May 28, 2010

Keen-Eyed Man

I'm such a good, compliant patient! Much against my inclination I decided to go back on the full dose of Votrient after my stomach had stopped rebelling. I really wanted to cut back the dosage, but Dr. G overruled me. After I got over sniping about "Dr. God" I finally figured out that he was simply trying to remove the reaction to the sulfa drug from the equation, and his wishes actually made more sense than mine. And I'm happy to report that over a week has passed on the full dose and I have had no apparent side effects. If things go well I'll stay on it at least until the first set of scans next month. If, however, I develop the side effects again I'm sure he'll have no objection to cutting the dosage back somewhat.

I had some trouble sleeping earlier this week. One night I stayed awake until 5:00 a.m.; before I went off to bed I managed to drop my laptop edge-wise on my left big toe, leaving a big gash and a fabulous bruise. That was partway healed when, another morning, I had gotten up and settled on the couch to work on some documents. I stood up, my right foot buckled under me, and I fell, twisting my ankle. Thank goodness (in some ways) that I've much experience with that ankle - I've probably sprained it six times since I entered college, twice really badly, and I've broken it. I could tell that it wasn't broken, and I had all the goods to alleviate my situation - I just wrapped it and elevated it, put cold compresses on it, and clumped around in my airboot (from the break in 2001). It's still sore after 5 days but I can walk almost normally. I suspect that my balance has suffered over the years, or else I've become sensitive about falling after repeated episodes; I find that I'm just not as steady on my feet as I used to be. I guess I can live with it as long as the damage isn't too severe.

Last week my brother P got a big surprise - he found a downed weather balloon in a field across from the house. He called the number listed and received a visit from some very excited University of Illinois students who came to retrieve it. You may enjoy the pictures taken by the balloon's camera on its short flight. The boys refer to the "keen-eyed man in IN" who found the balloon. I think it's more the case that P, like Saint H, is so familiar with his environment that he notices things; he doesn't necessarily have to "see" things to register a difference in his mind. Since he refused a reward the boys brought him a "Chief Illini" statue as a thank-you; I'll look forward to seeing it when we go visit next month.

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