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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Knitting and the County Fair

Well, I'm taking the plunge and putting some of my knitting in at the county fair. I'll post photos of the projects over the next few days - don't want this to be too graphics-intense. Having spent years on dial-up connections, I always hated it when friends who lived in the "big city" sent me enormous files and videos, as I had no chance of downloading them before the connection got lost somehow. Maybe it's silly to cling to that, but I won't do it to anyone else, even though I have DSL now. Anyway, here are the first two projects:

Whirligig Shrug and Percival, napping
Whirligig ShrugThis is the Whirligig Shrug, for my friend Steph's upcoming baby if a girl. Percival Bear, the Elegant Fella, is an excellent model even if he does nap rather indiscriminately. Steph has cut my hair for who knows how long, probably 13 years at least, and still looks as young as she did when we first started. I'll have another sweater for a boy baby ready before she produces in November!

Islamic SocksThese are the "Islamic Socks" from Nancy Bush's excellent Folk Socks - I had to buy the book because I loved this pattern so much. I've made it numerous times, and this was the first attempt, done in 5-ply gansey wool just as the book called for. Saint H had a pair and walked right through the heels, so I'm making him another pair, this time with reinforcing thread through the entire foot. He's very hard on socks.

We have appointments at Cleveland Clinic next week - Tuesday with an opthalmologist to have my vision checked, and Friday with a radiation oncologist who specializes in lungs. Dr. GV must have agreed to review my scans as the appointment is listed as "new patient consult"; I'm anxious to hear what he suggests. I'll just have to wait, though, like always - not always patiently, but I'm good at it.

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