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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Song Virus

My friend and sister C2, who sings in a folk trio, uses this term to describe the tune that implants itself into your head and your routine. Generally it's something obnoxious or inappropriate, and you just can't rid yourself of it until it's supplanted by something equally obnoxious or inappropriate ...

For the past several days I've been attacked by Disney's "It's a Small World", thanks to my friend A who sent me a jovial message on Monday. Over the weekend she visited with friends and family in her hometown and was chatting with her niece and nephew's maternal aunt. I don't know how the conversation turned to this, but the aunt is a nurse at Cleveland Clinic. It turns out she knows me and St. H rather well - she's none other than my sweet nurse Vicki whom we met on the last clinical trial. Yes, it is a small world. I just wish that song would go away!

Yesterday was scanning day at Cleveland Clinic, my first since starting Votrient in April. I'm officially off Votrient, as it did nothing to slow down my lung lesion and, indeed, I've developed seven tiny lesions in other areas of the lungs -- both lungs, unfortunately. Dr. G is working on options and schedules - looks like we'll check into radiation therapy on the right lung lesion, primarily palliative as I'm starting to have quite a bit of pain from it pressing against the shoulder blade but possibly as a debulking measure if they think it's possible. And sometime soon I'll be starting on Afinitor, the oral mTor-inhibitor. Nothing like pushing forward regardless ... I'll post more as soon as I know more.

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