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Monday, July 21, 2008

We're In Our "Hayday"

Last week I saw Dr. SC for the usual blood tests and office visit. There has been little to talk about at these sessions lately; my test results have been stable and we've had no reason to consider making changes to any meds or routines. At Dr. G's and Dr. MC's request we added complete thyroid tests, still trying to determine what caused my bloating/discomfort/fatigue in spring. The tests indicate an elevated T4 level (12.8; normal is 4.5 to 11.2). So now I'm a bit confused: I'm being treated for hypothyroidism, yet the elevated T4 may indicate hyperthyroidism. Oh well, that's why they're doctors and I'm not - I'll let them figure it out. I'm sure the topic will come up at the next scheduled appointment with Dr. G.

First cropWe literally sweated out our first partial crop of hay last Saturday. The weather cooperated beautifully: long, cool, wet spring and early summer resulting in lush growth, followed by a clear string of 4 hot, dry days. The dry spell coincided with a friend's availability both for equipment and expertise, so after a day of mowing and a day of raking, he and Saint H brought in our first half-crop of bales with 4 hours of concerted labor on Saturday. I kept busy supplying the drinks and food. The bales smell fabulously green and sweet, a treat I've yet to tire of. While the baler was making its last round we scared up a fawn that had bedded down in the north edge of the pasture. We'll be leaving a strip unmowed so that the deer continue to have some cover. With luck and continued good weather we'll be able to get the rest of the hay in this week.

Pond visitorI'm playing with a new camera, a Canon Powershot SD1000 Digital Elph. I'm quite pleased with the images I'm getting - the camera makes me look like I know what I'm doing! I "captured" this dragonfly resting on the sweet flag we planted at the edge of our pond. Male common whitetail, anyone?

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