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Monday, July 05, 2010

Up In The Air

We're still up in the air about dates for the moment. We went up last Wednesday as planned for the simulation, and at the same time we hoped to get more details about schdule. Nothing, alas, seems to be so difficult as to get details at the moment - lots of things need to coalesce for all this to work out. I only hope that we find out more this Wednesday when we go in for the dry run.

I did break down and call the on-call oncologist at Cleveland Clinic yesterday afternoon; I'd been dealing with increasing amounts of pain, and the pain levels finally got beyond what I could tolerate. Turns out that I was, in fact, undermedicating myself - I wasn't taking enough of my pain killer, so I'm on a strict regimen to schedule the doses every 4 hours, 6 times a day. I think I can do it, as I've felt much better since starting this.

Today I went off to the county fair to pick up my entries. I received 3 first place rankings (the stole, the hat, and the baby sweater), plus 2 second place rankings (the socks and the vest). On the whole I was pleased, and the vest lost to friend M's Fair Isle vest ("Grant Street", Alice Starmore). It's a beautiful, beautiful pattern, breathtakingly well-executed, and she won Best of Class and Best of Show. Can't complain too much to finishing behind her!

Saint H and our friend R spent the day baling hay; I believe he said we have 120 400-lb. bales in the field, and we may get a few more scraped up from the remains. R has dairy cattle as does one of his friends, and they may be buying all this hay from us (woo-hoo!!) If we get a decent second cutting this year, we can put it up in square bales and keep it for our own animals. I wasn't sure we were going to accomplish a cutting at all; like so many others here, we've been afflicted by the weather; it's been too wet to get into the fields. Right now, even though it's above 90, it's not so terribly humid and it's not supposed to rain for at least a week. Great for hay, if nothing else.

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