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Friday, January 30, 2009

Digging Out

Tuesday afternoon Saint H came home sick, staggering with fever, headache and upset stomach. I knew he'd be home for the next day and was grateful that he'd beat the storm predicted for that night and the next day.

Wednesday we got 10" of snow. I called a landscaping contractor to plow us out, as he's done the past two years. Jon got stuck in our lane, not a good sign, but he was able to get us plowed out.

Yesterday I went off to town; the wind shifted while I was gone and I had some trouble getting back to the house. Saint H's doctor called in a prescription for him so I started back to town and got stuck in the lane myself. Saint H came out and we both shoveled, managed to get the car unstuck and backed up the lane to the house for the night.

I called Jon to come back today after the wind shifted - no sense in plowing until then. He's on his way; as soon as he's done we're heading into town to pick up the prescription and a few other things, so we can hunker down for the next storm that's due Monday. I don't know if Saint H will be well enough to go back to work by then or not.

Things were so hectic that I almost forgot about Wednesday's anniversaries - I moved to Ohio 23 years ago, and had my liver resection in five years ago. The move to Ohio was fortuitous on several fronts - I've developed strong friendships and built family relations here; I met Saint H; and I found myself near two wonderful cancer facilities. It was a life-saving move all around.

I guess the snow's a minor inconvenience, all told.

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