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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Something to Sink My Teeth Into

Last week I finally made it to the dentist's office for a long-delayed session with the hygenist. I'd had x-rays done last month, and those showed nothing suspicious. I asked a couple of questions and learned things I didn't know before; maybe you didn't know them either:
Dry mouth is a common side effect of many of my medications. Is it a dental problem? Yes, because it can promote tooth decay and infection, aside from the discomfort. Remedies: drink lots of water; use Biotene gum, specifically formulated for dry mouth; use a non-alcohol mouthwash.
When you're cleaning my teeth, why blast air into my mouth? It helps clear the mouth of moisture and debris, and remaining plaque shows up frosty-white and is easier to see.

Dr SC told me at my last visit that, unfortunately, osteonecrosis of the jaw doesn't show up in x-rays until it's well advanced, so I guess I'll keep going to the dentist, eh?



  • Biotene also makes a gel that I keep in my nightstand drawer. Since I wear a splint to control my brixism and align my bite, if I wake up in the night with dry mouth, a squirt helps. My dry mouth comes from my anti-depressnts (SRRIs)

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