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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sit Down!

continuous arm chairLast week Saint H took a day off from work, combined that with the weekend, and spent 3 days in a class with master chairmaker Michael Herrel, who has done work with the This Old House crew in the past. Saint H has some work to do (fine shaping, finish sanding, and dyeing to bring out the grain of the poplar, maple, red oak and black walnut parts) but I'd say this is a pretty good result for 3 days' steady work.

Tomorrow I head to Columbus for a make-up appointment with Dr. SC at OSU. I had to cancel twice last month, once because of weather and once because of flu. When I called to reschedule, Dr. SC's scheduler John told me "I have a note here to call you. I'm to make certain that you are feeling okay, find out how you're faring on your present regimen, and see if we need to take a more active role in your care." He seemed pleased that I'm not at death's door (we always share some good laughs when I call). For myself, I'm very, very pleased to know that Dr. SC is keeping tabs on me. I haven't "needed" his services for well over a year but we still keep in touch, and he has always been interested in my care and well-being. Shouldn't all doctors be like that?

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