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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Same Time Next Year??

A year ago today we were heading into a vast winter storm/blizzard; Saint H was snowed in in Columbus for 3 days and I had to hire someone to plow out our lane.

Late last night it started snowing here, and by this morning we had about 5" on the ground. Saint H left a bit early for Columbus, taking clothes with him and promising to stay over if the weather deteriorated. We got more snow here, and it's now sleeting. Needless to say Saint H is staying in Columbus, and I'm staying right here. Marmaduke has been plastered to my side today - I don't think he cares much for the damp cold.

I have fond childhood memories of weathering storms at Uncle Maurice and Aunt Ruby's (they had a wood-burning furnace) - sister, brother and 2 cousins packed into one room, adults in another room, playing cards and having a break from routine. It probably wasn't as much fun as I remember it now. A couple of years ago when we moved out here, I was almost afraid to think of staying here by myself in bad weather. Thankfully my health isn't an issue for now; I just have to hunker down with the obliging cat and wait out the storm. Having grown up with the possibility of being snowed in, there's always food in the house!

Resumed Nexavar on Friday; back to the old routine.

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