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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Return of Routine

Sister J left yesterday morning for her son's and thence her home, with weeping on both our parts. We got to spend plenty of time investigating some of my favorite haunts, yakking, reading, and relaxing; she was good company and I miss having her here.

This 10-day departure from routine was the closest I've come to a vacation for years - life has been overcome, until recently, by illness or medical emergency or fatigue. Yes, I'm tired now, but it's within the realm of normalcy I think. And how much longer it has been for Saint H to find respite from this worry! I feel guilty that I can relax, and hope that he believes I'm better and will lay off his fears for me.

Yesterday afternoon saw me parked in Dr C's office for 4-1/2 hours for bloodwork, lab results, and an office visit. Patient load was worse than usual; 3 of his colleagues are on vacation so he had 40 patients to oversee. I took my usual books and knitting and passed the time. Good results: hemoglobin levels 11.6, blood calcium levels 8.8, both normal; BUN and creatinine continue to be slightly elevated but not threatening. I've yet to find out what one must do to balance these levels; something obnoxious, I'm sure, and I hope I don't have to find out.

Jezebel begins to look pregnant. Perhaps this is why she has decided that she likes us? Oh well. But like us, she does - this morning's visit to the porch included a gift of freshly-caught mouse. We are honored and amused.

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