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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Auctions are Addictive!

There has been very little going on here on the health front (not that I'm complaining!) I'm quite happy with the "Bunion Buster" experiment to date. I generally wear boots; I've acquired 8 pairs of paddock boots, elastic sided boots, and cowboy boots over the years, and otherwise am down to 2 pairs of flat "dress shoes" and a pair of tennies (quite a change from my days in Big Library Vendor World, when I routinely wore 3-1/2" heels all day, every day ...) Before last week, when hand/foot struck I had difficulty getting boots on and laced as my toe was too stiff to bend into the footbed. Now, with the additional padding and protection, the blistering is greatly reduced and the stiffness is almost nonexistent. So far, so good!

A couple of weeks ago several friends and I went to an eclectic auction at Garth's, a local auction house. I used to go to auctions fairly regularly and it was fun to go again. I split the winning bid on several garden ceramic pieces with friend and sister C2 - nothing I couldn't have gotten at a garden center, probably, but for much less.

Saint H and EmmaThis morning I went to the first of several promised auctions on a local estate. I was interested in equipment for Emma, our Ferguson tractor. I got a post hole auger and a disc; the disc is a Ferguson no less! I paid for the two pieces about a third of what we'd have paid for a new disc, so it was well worth it. Fun, too - but the discretionary portion of the tax refund is gone now, so no more auctions for a while. Except when my sister gets here next week - then we go back to Garth's ...



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