Renal Cell Live!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Double Nickel

Today is my 55th birthday! No more prevaricating to get the "55 Plus" menu selections at Bob Evans; $4.00 movie matinees on Fridays; gosh, the benefits just keep piling up. Glad to be here.

Yesterday's visit to Cleveland: net stable, once again. The lesion in my right lung has doubled over the past 4 months and is now at about 1" across (2.53 cm). The largest lesion in my liver has shrunk from about 3" (7.68 cm) to about 2" (5.49 cm). Other lesions in my liver have traded tit-for-tat, growing or shrinking at the same rate amongst themselves, so that the overall measurement has remained stable at around 3-3/4" total (18.3 cm). By volume I guess it's not much to talk about, is it? Funny to think that so much mischief is packed into in such small amounts of misbehaving tissue.



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