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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Nothing Much

Yes, I've been remiss in posting. There hasn't been much going on other than that I've had the flu twice in the past two weeks. (And this is the first season I've had a flu shot - hmmmmmm).

I went last week for Aranesp and discovered, lo and behold, that my hemoglobin level was 12.5 - near the level for "normal" human beings. So, no Aranesp! We'll see if this trend continues - I trust it's due to the ferrous gluconate. Whatever it is, I'm pleased. Had I not had the flu I suspect I would be more energetic now, so am looking forward to seeing how this develops. I found this article in the NY Times on Aranesp dosages to be very interesting and thought-provoking.

Maggie is feeling much improved, thanks to fluids, lots of canned food, and lots of attention. Duke doesn't want to share the attention with her, but doesn't mind getting a share of her canned food. They really are children in fur coats.

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