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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Rotten Misery

Did I say something a couple of months ago about being warm, like a normal human being? I have some fleeting memory of that but right now it's hard to believe I ever made that claim.

It's been raining pretty steadily since late last night and now there are steady southwest winds driving clouds of fine, cold mist around the house. I don't think my hands will warm up again until August, and at the moment I'm not sure I have feet.

I've always had poor circulation in my hands and feet (low blood pressure for most of my life). That's been exacerbated since diagnosis and particularly with the anti-angiogenic drugs. Add to that the amount of weight I've lost over the past two years - I haven't got a lot of flesh for insulation now. It all equals, "Brrr-r-r!"

There's a discussion going now on the local NPR news station, WOSU-AM, on health. The current topic is hospitals and healthcare quality. Did you know there is a federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality? I didn't. Now I know - Thanks, public radio.


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