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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Thanksgiving Comes Early

Yesterday, Saint H and I were in Cleveland for tests and appointments. The C/T scans were quite good - no appreciable growth, stable disease state. So far I've had 4 successive scans over 8 months showing stable disease. Given that I'm on a half dose of Nexavar, that's very encouraging. If I were on higher doses, would I see shrinkage? Perhaps, though there's no guarantee of that, and I can't imagine living with the side effects. No tradeoff of misery for longevity, please.

Dr G adjusted some of my medications (one less blood pressure med, hooray) and added a new prescription for an iron supplement. We're trying to fight the anemia and fatigue with this. So, that's minus 4 daily pills for the blood pressure, plus 2 daily pills for the supplement; net -2 pills. (Gosh, no, it doesn't take much to amuse me!)

Emma's sweaterAnd life goes on; Dr G and his wife have a baby girl, their first child. I found out they were expecting at my September appointment, and took this sweater along. I love making baby things - small projects, lots of scope for trying new stitches and techniques.

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