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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

We are experiencing technical difficulties ...

I have crappy veins. They're little, they roll, they go flat, and they shrink in terror when a needle approaches. So the best thing that came out of my flirtation with high-dose interleukin 2 in January 2005 was the implantation of a dual lumen mediport. Hooray, no more multiple jabs, no failed sticks, no tears. I love my mediport. My nurses love my mediport.

Monday night I noticed that my mediport site looked different and that I had a dull ache under the site. So, I called Dr. SC's office Tuesday, and was able to get in this morning at 7:30. We think that one of the port catheters has kinked or rolled; it's visibly changed position. I had x-rays today and will go in for radiation flow tests next week. In the meantime I can't lift anything. Oh, darn, that will make housekeeping difficult won't it? :) I guess I'll have to knit instead.

That's a good thing - I have 5 pairs of socks, a sweater, and a shawl in various stages of construction, and those are just the projects I have in the living room. We won't talk about the tubs of yarn upstairs. I have multiple pairs of socks in the works at all times so that I have small portable projects with me while waiting for doctors' appointments. Lots of my friends have gotten hats and socks out of my appointment schedule.

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